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Cobalt Blue Artistry is the premiere online art gallery for up and coming artists. Starting in our home state of Minnesota, we continure to look through out the country to bring the finest artists to our site. Our goal is simple, connect the best artists with the best collectors.

The question that we get most often, is what makes Cobalt Blue Artistry different? We see it as three aspects. We provide the best artists with the best place to feature their art, by offering the best options to show their works, and the best financial arrangements. Second, we offer a great streamlined site that shows off the art and allows our customers to easily browse and view the different pieces and make informed decisions. Finally, we offer an unparalleled customer experience. Providing free shipping, an unrivaled return policy, and always available customer service, we guarantee a positive buying experience.

We are excited to offer these amazing pieces of art to you. We hope that you will find them as outstanding as we do and return any time that you are considering a new art purchase.

Thank you for your support!

Matt Anderson

CEO, Cobalt Blue Artistry, LLC

Mark Croke

President, Cobalt Blue Artistry, LLC

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